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90 Pcs Cake Decorating Supplies Kit for Beginners-1 Turntable stand-24 Numbered icing tips with pattern chart & E.Book-1 Cake Leveler-Straight & Angled Spatula-3 Russian Piping nozzles-Baking tools



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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1- 1 SMOOTH REVOLVING CAKE TURNTABLE: It will make your life easy by rotating cake 360? instead of rotating yourself 2- 24 PROFESSIONALLY SELECTED, NUMBERED and EASY TO USE TIPS 3- 1 STRAIGHT SPATULA: Use it to shift and spread icing evenly. Smooth sides of Round Cakes 4- 1 ANGLED SPATULA: Best for icing cakes Tops. It does not let your hand to touch cake while icing. 5- 3 RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS: Pipe beautiful flower using these tips with just a little squeeze 6- 3 CAKE SCRAPPERS: Use them for shifting, smoothing and level the icing. 7- 3 COUPLERS: 1 tri coupler for Russian tips and two icing coupler for icing tips. 8- 1 Flower Nail 9- 1 Flower Lifter Scissor 10- 1 Silicon Reusable Pastry Bag: Use it, wash it and it is ready to use again 11- 30 Disposable Icing bags: Don?t like washing icing bags? No worries, 30 Disposable Icing bags are in set. Use & through away 12-1 Cleaning Brush: Don?t spoil your hands cleaning tips. Use RFAQK Cleaning Brush to remove icing from narrow tops 13- CAKE LEVELER:?Use cake leveler to level the cake for icing. 14- Printed Pattern Chart 15- EBook User Guide (Provided By Mail)

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