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Amerous 10′ Ludo Go Board Folding Travel Magnetic Ludo Set



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Brand: Amerous Package include: 2 X dice 4 X green flying chess 4 X yellow flying chess 4 X red flying chess 4 X blue flying chess How to play: Ludo is a modified version of Pachisi. In Ludo, there are no resting squares, and once a counter reaches it?s own colored column leading to the finish, it can not be followed or taken. Each player selects a set of 4 counters. The die is thrown to determine order of play. Players then take turns trying to roll a 6, the number needed to get to the starting square. If a player throws a 3, they are allowed another throw. Counters move counterclockwise, as in Pachisi. If a player has more than one counter on the board and has a double throw (6+ another throw), the counter must return to its home and can only re-enter on the roll of 6. Warm Attention: It is not suitable for below 6 years old kids.

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