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Anti Fog Spray Eyeglass Lens Cleaner, Long Lasting Defogger for Glasses, Goggles, Ski Masks Mirrors and Windows



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Splaqua is the #1 Defogger Spray Cleaner on the Market!Splaqua is the the best anti-fog lens cleaner out there today. We take fogging up lenses seriously so we have created a formula that can not only instantly remove fog but do so in a very long lasting way. Our formula works on glasses, goggles and camera lenses. Great For Sports Wear GogglesSnowboard? Ski? Snorkel?Go Swimming? Play Hockey? Play Paintball? Well then this Splaqua anti-fog system is great for you! People who work in extreme sports tend to wear masks as they are not only necessary but required. The #1 problem people in extreme sports have is their masks or goggles tend to fog up. It is irritating and hinders their ability to engage in their sport safely. So we have worked long and hard on a product that can give extreme sports participants exactly what they need. Our system releases a spray that instantly defogs your goggles or mask. It also leaves your lenses with a perfect streak free finish that allows you to see through your goggles clearer than you ever have before. This spray also works as a true cleaner too. It removes dirt, smudges, makeup –anything you can think of it gets rid of easily. It also keeps your lenses defogged longer–you don?t have to reapply every few seconds. It is long lasting unlike all the other brands out there. Outside of being great for extreme sports mask this spray has other uses as well. It works great on both mirrors and windows giving you streak free clean and clear results. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with Splaqua?s Anti-Fog formula spray.FEATURES: 2 Pack Removes Dirt & Other Substances Instantly Defogs Goggles or Lenses Gives a Streak Free Finish Has Long Lasting Effects Great for Hockey, Swimming, Biking, Skiing and more

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