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Aoralivre Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs/Butt/Glute/Squats Stretch Workout Exercise Booty Bands for Women Indoor Fitness (Set 2)



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No more rolling, no more sticking, no more snapping! ?? Introducing our new skin-friendly fabric resistance bands set, made of polyester and natural latex. These fabric bands cater to all body types and are made to stay in place and never roll. ?? Each resistance band set consists of 2 high-quality fitness bands, all in different colours depending on the resistance level – Tuiquoise = Light (10-20 lbs), Pink = Medium (20-30 lbs). Get back on track with ONLY 15 Minutes a day! ?? Our booty bands are heavier, firmer and have a lot more resistance. Combined with the instruction manual for the ultimate peach building. ?? All actions are at your fingertips that can guide you through modifications or advanced movements – no matter what level you are at. And all workouts focus on sculpting & shaping your Beautiful Curves! Function really well during the exercises! ?? Resistance bands are an important part of exercise, as they help with glute activation. Glute activation ensures the muscle in your booty are switched on and used during a workout. ?? If you don’t do this, you can often end up compensating, and using your quadriceps, lower back and hamstrings in place. The muscles in your peach also need to be constantly maintained, as they have a huge impact on your overall body strength. These gluteus muscle groups are responsible for keeping the trunk of the body upright, so a strong peach will improve your posture and flexibility, as well as reduce the risk of pain and injuries throughout the body. Not to mention one of our favourite benefits – toning and growth.

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