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Aquatabs – World’s Best Water Purification Tablets for Water Treatment and Disinfection in Convenient Travel Packaging



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Aquatabs ? The world?s No. 1 Water Purification Tablets for safely removing harmful bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms found in contaminated water with no adverse effects. Great for pets too! For over 100 years, chlorination of drinking water has been one of the single most effective means of improving public health in the developing world. Aquatabs was created over twenty years ago and is now the most trusted brand of choice for point of use water disinfection around the world. Aquatabs utilize materials specifically approved to international standards for use in drinking water with NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certification and have been selected by leading Aid Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Defense Forces worldwide. We are THE APPROVED seller of Aquatab. Aquatabs added to water quickly dissolves and effectively treats water to protect you and your family with consistent pleasant tasting water during outdoor activities, natural disasters and emergency situations where boiling water is not an option. Aquatabs possesses no odor or color and starts with a 5-Year Shelf Life for use anywhere including international travel, camping, hiking, prepping and more. They easily fit into any pocket, pouch, purse, bag, backpack, drawer, emergency preparedness kit, disaster relief pack and more. Ingredients: Each tablet is 49mg with 16.88% Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate creating 2.6ppm available chlorine when dissolved in 2 quarts of water. There are Ten (10) Sealed Tablets in each strip of Aquatabs. For the 50ct. FLOWPACK, there are 5 strips of Aquatabs. For the 100ct. FLOWPACK, there are 10 strips of Aquatabs. Please see attached Precautionary Statement, Directions of Use, Storage and Disposal, and First Aid Procedures. Prepared by EPA registered facility and sold by an authorized distributor.