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Baby Walking Harness – Handheld Kids Walker Helper – Toddler Infant Walker Harness Assistant Belt – Help Baby Walk – Child Learning Walk Support Assist Trainer Tool – for 7-24 Month Old (Blue)



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As we all know, babies undergo development stages during their growing years. One of the milestones is learning to walk. During your baby?s 7-9 months, he will start to crawl or even stand in a certain position. Doctors advise parents and guardians to take their time on practicing babies and not to rush them. However, taking time might be too straining for parents from all the bending over and leaning forward while assisting the baby. Learning Harness Walking Assistant is created specifically for these situations. Here are some of the reasons why you should use walking harness belt for your baby: 1. Unlike hand-grip leashes, this walking belt is safer because it won?t interfere with your baby?s walking posture. Also, using a hand-hold harness opens you to the danger of dislocating your children?s elbows and shoulders. 2. The baby harness provides more security and safety to enjoy more quality time outside. 3. It helps parents and guardians to prevent straining their back from bending over. 4. Holding their hands is also not advisable as it may overstretch their muscle tone and dislocated shoulder joints. With this harness, your baby will have full support from the belt. How to Use: 1. For every use, secure buckles, velcro, and straps in regards to your baby?s weight and height. 2. Adjust the handle and crotch according to the appropriate age of your baby. For 7-11 months, use the harness belt with attached crotch and pull upward. For 12 months, you can now remove the crotch but the handle remains on from upward position. For 13 months and above, you can now attach the handle from pull-behind position to prevent your baby from falling and stumbling. Specification: Material: 100% cotton and 3D mesh, comfortable, breathable Age Fits for 7-24months Suitable for Baby with Weight 5-20kg/11-44pounds Target gender: Unisex Color: Blue

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