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Compac Select Safe-T-Shapes Bathtub Decals, Daisy


Compac Select Safe-T-Shapes Bathtub Decals, Daisy

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Non Slip Tub Stickers, Adhesive Appliques That Help Prevent Dangerous Slips And Falls In Tubs, Showers, And Other Surfaces Like Stairs And Decks, Safety And Decorative Bath Stickers,Bathtub Non Slip Stickers In Attractive Daisy-Shapes, Allowing You To Decorate Your Tub While Keeping Your Family Safe At The Same Time, Decor That Helps Prevent Falls,These Non Slip Shower Stickers Are Easy To Apply And Easy To Keep Clean, No Special Or Extra Cleaning Required, Continue To Clean Your Tub Or Shower As Usual (Not For Use With Textured Surfaces),Safe-T-Shapes Are Bath Tub Non Slip Stickers That Offer Permanent Installation Won?T Wear Off Or Peel, Affordable, Easy To Install And Clean, Safe Decorative Way To Prevent Falls,Cleaning Your Tub As Usual Keeps Safe-T-Shapes Looking Fresh And Clean, Mold Free, And Ready To Do Their Job As Shower Floor Non Slip Stickers That Bring Safety And Tub Decor Together

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