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Ezire Roasting Sticks, Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Set of 10 Barbeque BBQ Skewers, 32-inch Extendable Extended Smores & Hot Dog Fork 2-Pack Corn Holder BBQ at The Campfire(multi-10 Pack)



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Color:Multi-10 packDescription: Roasting Sticks, Ezire Marshmallow Roasting Sticks 32 Inch Extendable Forks (10-pack + 2 corn holders)
Our premium marshmallow roasting forks stands for family, relaxation, entertainment and healthy life, giving people a chance to get together and have a memorable time that is something far more precious in life.
Easy to Clean Stainless Steel guaranteed to be of the highest standards for costumers.
32 inch Telescoping length ensures you are far away from the fire’s heat while roasting those delicious BBQ.
Non-sharp points, 10 multi colored BPA FREE wood handle tips, lightweight & durable make them perfect for children to join in the fun.
FREE Canvas Bag FREE heat-resistant canvas travel pouch to allow for convenient and safe travels and storage. All these 10 roasting sticks can be placed in the little travel canvas pouch, which is also small to be placed in a bag.
Free 2-pack Corn Holders It’s perfect for Home Cooking and BBQ.
Outdoor picnic, easy to carry.
Larger handles make them easy to use, You’ll never get poked!
Oversized, non-slip handles for a secure and comfortable grip, even with wet hands.
Specification: Product Dimension Telescoping: 11-32inch
Material: Stainless steel and wood
Weight: 6.5 Oz
Please Note 1. When using these sticks, please extend it as far as possible from the fire for keeping a safe distance and for the purpose of protecting the cap on the handle from overheat melting.
2. Kids better use these under adult supervision, Handle with care.
Package content: 10 x Ezire Roasting Sticks
2 x Free Corn Holders
1 x Canvas Pouch

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