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Composition of the new fragrance, just like its name suggests, is composed of ambrette, sea salt and sage, along with Seaweed and grapefruit. As the scent of driftwood it has natural and fresh sophistication. A complex combination of wood and sea is in its essence. It provides the feeling of freedom and natural spirit.The long shore under the blue sky, the waves rolling out fine white foam, diffusing the freshness of sea salt and water vapor, the interplay of mineral notes and woody fragrance, all this cleverly mingled together.Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne was created with the intention to evoke the feeling of pleasure, freedom and escape into nature.Salty sea salt with gentle sage, as if walking on the beach, enveloped by romance, mood jumping, the urge to hold hands.Haniel pheromone sage sea salt perfume, This unexpected elements of the fragrance is designed for you who are open-minded and optimistic.perfumes for women, women’s fragrances, womenperfume, fragrance for women, perfume for girls, pheromone oil, feromonas paraatraer hombres, pheromone perfume, women cologne, girl perfume, pharamonperfume for women, pharamon oil forwomen, pheromone oil perfume for women, pheromone perfume for women, perfumecon feromonas para mujeres, women fragrance, pheromone oil for women,pheromones for women, perfumes de mujer originales, fermone perfume for women, phermone oil, muestrasde perfumes de mujer originales, intoxicated perfume, good smelling cologne,woman perfumes, perfumes for women popular, fairmone spray for women, topfragrance for women, trial size perfume for women, pharmon perfume oil,perfumes and fragrances, pure parfume for women, perfumes for girl, love potion perfume pheromone, Lust Pheromone Perfume,

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