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Designed with Care?Haniel is closely aligned with creativity, art and lifestyle Incorporating perfume and pheromone into its designs Creating a complete world of luxury scent with emotions leading the way.?Delicate?The spicy notes of pink pepper reflect the Turkish rose, giving off a delicate and soft scent. The juicy raspberry and rose essential oils are subtly blended to refresh the middle notes, while papyrus and amber in the base notes compose a timeless and elegant texture.?Rose with Thorns?If you love the smell of roses, This pheromone perfume is perfect for you The rose is like a unique fragrance in this bottle.The spicy pink pepper is like the thorns of the rose.?Layer?Blanche by Haniel is a Orinetal Spicy perfume for women. blanche was launched in 2022. Top notes are Turkey Red Rose and Pink Pepper; middle notes are Turkey Red Rose and raspberry bloom; base notes are Papyrus and Amber.perfumes for women, women’sfragrances, women perfume, women perfume gift set, pheromone perfume spray forwomen, pheromone oil, feromonas para atraer hombres, pheromone perfume, womensfragrances, phermone oil/spray forwomen, perfume oils for women long lasting, pharamon perfume for women, womenscologne, spanish fly drops for women, oil perfume for women, pharamon oil forwomen, pheromone oil perfume for women, pheromone perfume for women, long lasting perfumes for women, pheromone oil for women, pheromones forwomen, pheromone spray, love scent pheromones, feramone oil perfume for women, lovescent pheromone oils, perfume for women floral , fermones perfume, pheromone cologne, perfumes that last long, long lastingcologne, intimate partner erotic perfume, pheramone spray, fragrances for women.

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