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Kano Pixel Kit ? Learn to code with light



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Product Description Build and code 128 dazzling lights. Paint pictures, make animations, play with 16 million colors. Learn to code art, games, live data, weather apps, sports tickers and more. From the Manufacturer Build it yourself Open the box, pop out buttons, board and battery. Follow the book, build a Pixel Kit all by yourself. Learn about power, RGB, LEDs, and more. Play with the built-in games, light shows and sound equaliser. Learn to code Follow the simple steps, connect code blocks, view the Javascript. Level up slowly, learn about loops, logic, live data, and variables. Light it up live, see the effects instantly. Make art, games, data Step-by-step paint pictures, build animations, make lights move to music. Build colorful games, characters that jump, and mazes to solve. Play with data, make a weather station Playground Mode There’s no end to what you can make. make your own art, colorful characters, spaceships that swerve, light up live sports scores with the skills you’ve learned. Kano World Join our free creative community. People of all skill levels, all over the world sharing and playing art, music, games, and more. See the code behind any creation, then tweak it to make it your own. Earn rewards Create your own profile, level up, and earn medals as you complete challenges, and make new creations. About the Startup Describe your products in 3 words. Make, learn, play. How did you come up with the idea for this product? Kano started with a challenge from Micah, 6, my little cousin. He said he wanted to make his own computer. But didn?t want ?anyone to teach him.? It had to be ?as simple and fun as Lego’. What makes your product special? Kano Kits empower you to make technology, and learn to code ? through simple steps, and creative play. With physical building and delightful software projects, we open up the hidden world behind the screen. What has been the best part of your experience? It is a great privilege to build & learn with the rising generation ? who are using Kano to learn how the world works, and make it do something new. And, to work with thousands of artists, teachers, makers, and inventors in 86 countries, from South London to South Africa, to demystify computing. We believe everyone can understand & shape the world, not just the 1% of 1%. It is an incredible time to be alive.

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