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LuxoBike Exercise Bike Seat Cushion Cover ? Padded Gel Bike Seat Covers Bicycle Saddle Pad for Women and Men ? Comfort Extra Soft ? Great for Indoor Cycling Class and Stationary Bikes Spin Bike



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It?s time to enjoy and discover the benefits of a pain free bike ride! If cycling is your passion, we know you love having fun on a road bike, strive to complete a full workout on your excercise bike or in spin class. That feeling is unique and satisfying, but the truth is, you just can?t do it if you hurt. Seat pain or saddle soreness is really serious and one of the biggest reasons to give up your goals to get or stay fit. Say no to uncomfortable seats! No more bruising on your inner thighs!LuxoBike is committed to help you stay on track and achieve your goals, that?s why we have engineered the perfect exercise gel seat that stays put and protects your back and body. It is the best budget solution to keep you comfortable and allow you to ride longer.Easy to useJust slip it over the existing saddle, secure the cord and straps and enjoy your beloved bike rides as usual. It has a non-slip bottom and will blend in perfectly with your seat!What?s more, LuxoBike gives a free gift for the outdoor road or mountain bike enthusiast, a water and dust resistance seat cover to protect it from the elements.Please measure carefullyThis Seat Cover Cushion is about 11 inches Long & 7 inches Wide. Fits most spin bikes and traditional road bikes. DOES NOT FIT WIDE BIKE SEATS. Let the fun begin and get yours now, package includes:1*Gel seat saddle cusion1*Water & Dust resistant cover1*Instruction Leaflet

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