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Ouch! Skulls & Bones Ankle Cuffs W/ Skulls


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Ouch! Skulls and Bones Ankle Cuffs with Skulls Black from Shots Toys. With two rows of little skulls, a double clasp on each ankle cuff and a sturdy, detachable, metal connection, this cuff shows you mean business. Made of high quality black leather and dark gray metal, these Skull Ankle Cuffs always do the trick! Dimensions package18.50 x 9.50 x 8.20 cm e or approximately 7.28 inches by 3.74 inches by 3.22 inches. Weight package 203 gram. Product length 36.4 cm, width 4.2 cm e or approximately 14.33 inches by 1.65 inches. Product weight65 gram e or approximately 2.29 ounces. Materialsmetal and bonded leather.

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