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Plunge Magic Ice Bath Tub For Athletes With Lid: Cold Plunge Tub For Recovery, Ice Bath Barrel Plunge Pool


Plunge Magic Ice Bath Tub For Athletes With Lid: Cold Plunge Tub For Recovery, Ice Bath Barrel Plunge Pool

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Enhance Your Performance, Alleviate Muscle Soreness : Whether You’Re A Dedicated Athlete Striving For Peak Performance Or Someone Seeking Relief From Muscle Soreness, The Ice Bath Tub Is Your Ticket To Faster Recovery And Improved Well-Being. Elevate Your Performance, Boost Circulation, And Sharpen Your Focus With Our Premium Cold Water Therapy Tubs.,Unparalleled 3-Layered Insulation : Engineered For Longevity And Maximum Cooling Efficiency, The Portable Ice Bath Tub Boasts A 3-Layered Insulation System That Keeps Your Water At The Ideal Temperature. The Robust Outer Layer Combines Polyester, Nylon, And Pvc For Durability, While The Inner Layer Features Pvc And A Waterproof Coating, Ensuring An Effective And Enduring Ice Bath Session.,Spacious And Fully Immersive : Measuring A Generous 32″ In Height And 30″ In Diameter, The Cold Tub Is Designed To Provide A Fully Immersive Experience. Its Ample Size Accommodates Individuals Up To 6Ft 5In, Ensuring You Can Submerge Yourself Completely In Cold Water, Reaping The Full Spectrum Of Ice Bath Benefits.,Effortless Assembly And Maintenance : Simplify Your Recovery Routine With The Ice Bath Tub’S Quick And Easy Assembly, Requiring Less Than 5 Minutes To Set Up. Our Thoughtful Design Includes A Convenient Drain Plug For Easy Drainage And Cleaning, Making Maintenance A Breeze. Just Rinse The Tub, Refill With Cold Water And Ice, And You’Re Ready For Your Next Session.,Versatile And Comprehensive : The Portable Ice Bath Tub Is Designed With Your Convenience In Mind. Quick Assembly Takes Less Than 5 Minutes, And The Included Drain Plug Allows For Effortless Emptying And Relocation Of The Inflatable Bathtub Wherever You Need It. Our Comprehensive Package Includes A Portable Bathtub, A Detailed Set-Up Manual, 6 Sturdy Poles For Stability, A Hand Pump For Inflation, And A Free Protective Cover. It’S The Ultimate Ice Cold Therapy Bath Solution For Your Recov,Elevate Your Recovery, Elevate Your Game : Don’T Let Muscle Soreness Or Fatigue Hold You Back. Invest In The Ice Bath Tub And Optimize Your Recovery, Whether You’Re A Seasoned Athlete Or Simply Seeking Relief. Elevate Your Performance, Enhance Your Well-Being, And Experience The Power Of Cold Water Therapy Like Never Before.,Note: Consult With A Healthcare Professional Before Incorporating Any New Recovery Or Therapy Regimen Into Your Routine. Individual Results May Vary.

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