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SonoHealth Portable EKG Heart Rate Monitor | Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio & Electrocardiogram Machine | Biofeedback Finger & Chest Leads View Irregular Cardiac Arrhythmia Vitals on a Mobile Phone



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SONOHEALTH PORTABLE ECG MONITOR Harness the power and peace of mind that comes with having your own personal ECG monitor at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. The SonoHealth portable EKG/ECG heart monitor combines the best of technology with tried-and-true monitoring techniques to give users a portable device for monitoring, tracking, and storing patterns of arrhythmia and irregular activity without constant visits to healthcare providers. ARRHYTHMIA MONITORING SYSTEM Now you can monitor your heart rate and vital statistics in as little as 30 seconds. Our portable ECG uses advanced sensors to monitor arrhythmia, allowing users to easily track vital signs while natively archiving up to 300 readings for future reference. ACCURATE MULTI-LEAD SENSORS Unlike many heart monitors, the ergonomically designed SonoHealth portable ECG has been equipped with multiple sensors for more accurate measurements and more precise readings. Each monitor includes the standard 2 fingertip leads, however our monitor also includes a vital chest lead for combining readings to create more accurate measurements. EASY TO READ LCD SCREEN The SonoHealth ECG features a color LCD screen which displays heart rate, beats per minute, and ECG wave patterns in real time. This easy-to-read screen allows users to view vital stats without a smartphone or secondary device. Carry your monitor anywhere you go for peace of mind without an internet connection or cell phone service. FREE UNLIMITED DATA STORAGE SonoHealth is dedicated to creating an easy-to-use digital experience for customers of all ages. Alongside leading professionals, we have developed an exclusive smartphone app compatible with virtually any Apple or Android device. This intuitive app is capable of archiving unlimited data for no additional fees or subscriptions. Easily email or print vital statistics to give your physician the best understanding of your heart health.

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