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SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube



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Product DescriptionThe Booster Ball is a custom towable tube tow rope with an inflatable buoy in the middle. The Booster Ball system provides a way to keep a towable tube rope elevated out of the water during the ride. It also increases the visibility of the tow line at all times. The increased height of the tube towline reduces line drag and absorbs shock to allow for quicker starts and reduced rope spray.Amazon.comThe SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball System replaces traditional towlines with an inflatable ‘Booster Ball’ buoy with sturdy towline rope at both ends. Suitable for use on any boat, but especially good for boats with low transom tow points, the Booster Ball system provides a way to keep the tow rope elevated out of the water during the ride and increases the visibility of the tow line at all times. The increased height of the towline reduces line drag, absorbs shock, and even enhances the boat’s fuel economy. The Booster Ball system is designed to improve your towable’s performance with quicker starts, reduced rope spray, decreased chance that the towable will dive during the ride, and less wear and tear on your actual towable. Built for long term durability, the Booster Ball inflatable buoy features bright water-sports graphics with a heavy-gauge PVC bladder and a tough nylon cover with double stitching and reinforced stress points. The system is equipped with a patented speed safety valve for quick inflation and deflation and has a self bailing drain vent to prevent the uptake of water. The system measures 60 feet overall, including the Booster Ball, and the tow rope offers 4100-pound break strength for a worry-free performance. Designed for use with one to four-person towables, the 4K Booster Ball System is built for years of fun on the water. Features and Specifications: Heavy-gauge PVC bladder 840 denier full nylon cover with zipper Tough two-inch webbing Patented speed safety valve Self bailing drain vent Double stitching and reinforced stress points Length: 60 feet (including booster ball) 4K tow rope 4100-pound break strength Designed for one to four person towables What’s in the Box? 4K Booster Ball and Custom Tow Rope

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