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Tech Will Save Us, Mover Kit | Coding for Kids, Ages 8 and Up



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The mover kit is an easy-to-build kit for kids that gets them moving and coding! It comes with sensors that kids program to react to their movement using our visual coding software. Snap it together, connect it to the software, and learn to control the lights with code to start playing! Kids invent, code, and play their own games while learning important creative thinking and problem solving skills. And with our free online make platform, there are Dozens of projects for them to make! How does it work? 1. The mover snaps together quickly and easily – no tools required! 2. Open the software, connect the mover, and start coding! 3. Learn to control the lights with code and movement. 4. Invent, code, and play new games! What can you do with it? One toy, infinite possibilities! With the mover kit, kids can: – make a toothbrushing timer – read by the light of a head torch – turn a race car into a police car – play a game of hot potato and with our free online make platform, kids have dozens more projects to choose from! Kids learn: – how to code – problem solving – creative thinking – how technology works – how electronics work – how sensors work.

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