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thkfish Fishing Rod Tip Repair Kit Heavy Duty Fishing Tip Tops Sliver Body Fishing Golden Ceramic Ring Sea Saltwater Fishing Rod Guides Tip Repair Kit 6Sizes 30pcs



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MULTIPLE SIZES ROD REPAIR KIT 6SIZES Hole Diameter—Ring Inner Diameter— Length—Quanity 3.0mm/0.12in—5.8mm/0.23in—33mm/1.30in—5pcs 3.2mm/0.13in—5.8mm/0.23in—33mm/1.30in—5pcs 3.6mm/0.14in—5.8mm/0.23in—33mm/1.30in—5pcs 4.0mm/0.16in—5.8mm/0.23in—33mm/1.30in—5pcs 5.0mm/0.26in—5.8mm/0.23in—35mm/1.38in—5pcs 5.5mm/0.22in—5.8mm/0.23in—-35mm/1.38in—5pcs NOTE: The rod hole diameter is different for the pieces, but the ring inner diameter and length are the same. STURDY AND DURABLE ROD TIP REPAIR KIT Top Quality Stainless Steel Rod Tip Tops. Heavy duty and the gold color ring insert is double in thickness, the rod tip is Sturdy and Durable. Heavy duty wrapless tip design replacements available. Sea Saltwater Heavy Duty Fishing Tip Tops . Bring the old equipment back to life! SMOOTH ROD TIP TOPS Smoothest rod Tip Tops will greatly reducing the chance of damage to your fishing line. Repair your rod quickly and easily wherever you are with the Rod Tip Repair Kit.? Both for saltwater and fresh water. Wonderful Fishing rod repair kit for fishing lovers! EASY TO USE AND STORE ROD TIP REPAIR KIT Make quick and easy repairs to your tip tops. Packed easy to store in plastic box and transport. Material :Stainless Steel. Color: Silver Body and Golden Ceramic Ring.Color stands out. Excellent kit for the dedicated multi-species angler, with a wide range of rods to repair.

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