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TREKPROOF Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes (4-Piece Set) | Reusable Freezer and Cold Travel | Bento Lunchbox, Cooler Bag for Work, School, Picnic or Camping | Colorful & Kid Friendly



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Keep your lunches, snacks, and picnic meals and beverages fresh and crisp by cooling them down with TrekProof Ice Packs! Nobody likes to eat a warm bologna sandwich or popping open a hot Dr. Pepper when it?s time for lunch; especially when you?re under the summer sun. That?s why we?ve developed TrekProof Ice Packs to keep all your favorite snacks cool, crisp and tasting fantastic even after they?ve been in your lunch box for hours. Fresher, More Delicious Lunches This 4-pack of freezer packs are designed to keep your refreshments and lunches colder and more enjoyable throughout the day; all to ensure a better, healthier meal when it?s finally time for that lunchtime break. Long-Lasting Reusability An ecofriendly, BPA-free material, these ice packs can be used again and again to keep your lunch box or cooler ice cold. And if they get dirty, just wipe them down with a warm, wet washcloth, dry them, and stick them back in the freezer for tomorrow. Product Details: Reusable Ice Packs (Set of 4) Efficient Cooling Lightweight, Slim Easy to Wipe Down/Clean BPA Free and Nontoxic Colors: Red, Blue, Purple and Green (1 Ea.) Dimensions: 6.3? x 4.2? x 0.6? Satisfaction Guaranteed Get this versatile 4-pack of ice packs for your lunch box or travel cooler by clicking ?Add to Cart? above now.

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