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WaHe Outdoor Camping Lanyard with 10 Hooks| Camping Rope| Outdoor Camping Clothesline with Hook| Camping Tent Accessories



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Sensitive camping design, space use Sensitive camping equipment, camping, fishing, picnics and other outdoor activities are convenient for storage and management can make full use of space. It also has a sensual design and decorative effect, making camping atmosphere more UP. 1. Outdoor camping lanyards with very high space utilization: Many equipment and camping gadgets can be organized, small equipment that can easily be lost, etc. can be kept for safekeeping, and it is in harmony with the outdoor atmosphere. 2. Weighing performance is high and strong, very strong semi-circular space will not be deformed or damaged even if it is hung with heavy weight accessories, and can be used for a long time 3. The hook convenience UP: You can adjust the length according to your needs to adjust, in a wider space can also be fully used, equipment can also be easily suspended and poles and other poles above can also be convenient To install 4. A variety of camping gadgets, 10 semi-circular spaces can be used to organize various camping equipment such as equipment and gadgets, and highly practical camping products. size: Weight: 0.15KG Material: lanyard is polypropylene ribbon, buckle is aluminum alloy Color:Color Composition: lanyard, clip, storage bag

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