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Windrift Waterproof Dry Bag – Military Grade 10L Airtight Dry Sack Includes 2 Padded Backpack Straps – Perfect for Beach, Floating, Rafting, Hiking, Fishing, Swimming, and More



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How does it work? Sealing the bag is vital in making sure your goods stay dry. Here’s how it’s done. 1. Fill the dry bag up with your essentials, leaving a little room at the top to roll it over. 2. Grab the plastic clip and roll the top of the bag over 2-3 times. 3. Clip the buckles on the top of the bag over your perfectly rolled dry bag. 4. ‘Accidentally’ drop your bag in the water so you can show off your elite outdoor gear to your jealous companions. 5. Prepare to answer the question ‘Where did you get that?’ way too many times. Does it float? The bag will float if sealed properly. First squeeze and listen to make sure no air comes out. If not, you’re officially ready for any inconveniently timed flash flood or embarressingly unathletic spill into the river. The waterproof sack can be submerged under a few inches of water, however anything much deeper and the pressure can cause some issues. How big is it?19 in. x 8 in. The bag is 19 inches when flattened. The average height when rolled is roughly 15 inches. It is 8 inches in diameter. This sized bag is convenient for a handful of items for a daytrip or several smaller items. Who are we? We like to think of ourselves as ‘not your average outdoors company’ mainly because we are in fact, your very average outdoorsmen. Waterproof dry bags are an essential part of our many adventures, but all the ones we had we’e bland or not-so waterproof. So we made our own, and we love it. So we hope that somehow, someway, even if it’s the most dumb and minor way possible, it makes your life a little easier too. What does my purchase include? -Two padded, detachable shoulder straps. Use em’, throw them away. We don’t care. We just thought it should be up to you. -One 10L dry bag made to be actually 100% waterproof. -A 5 year guarantee for any reason you can think of.