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Wup Extendable Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set of 5 Smores Sticks for Fire Pit Campfire Roasting Sticks 30 inch



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Size:Family pack 5 pcsAre you hate to break your marshmallow roasting sticks when you strand food? Are you tired of the weak hot-dog roasting sticks which is easy to burn off? Are you worried that your child is too close to the fire when barbecuing? Get this marshmallow roasting sticks home and you’ll solve all the problems about barbecue. OUR ADVANTAGE 1. Our marshmallow roasting sticks ensure that you and your family stay away from the flame during the camping. 2. Free Camouflage bag, The minimum size of the smores skewers is 10 inches, easy to accept, easy to carry. 3. Smores skewers with rotation design, liberate your other hand, your smores,sausages,hotdogs and even vegetables and fruits will never be burnt. 4. Non-toxic stainless steel campfire roasting sticks, safe to use. 5. Double-headed roasting sticks design, roasting food will never fall off. 6. Heat-resistant wooden handle, protect your hand. 7.Colorful handle:Meanwhile?the handle of marshmallow roasting sticks for kid uses bright and strong colors to make recognition easier. The days of kids fighting over ‘which marshmallow roasting sticks belong to who’ are over – each will have his/her very own roasting stick to roast with! Enjoy the summer barbecue party time! When the summer coming, we love gathers for a potluck and BBQ party. It’s chance to fellowship, eat great food and see who can do the best barbecue. So, how can you host the perfect bbq party? It’s time to let marshmallow roasting sticks do the work. With our marshmallow roasting sticks, you can organize barbecues in the garden or on the beach for your family and friends, you will experience pleasant and delicious barbecues with delicious food and enrich your life with unforgettable moments! That’s why we’ve been working to improve our products and make our users experience better.

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