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Yes4All Soft Weighted Toning Ball/Medicine Ball



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BRING VARIOUS UNIQUE BENEFITS TO YOUR PILATES EXERCISES Pilates Ring is brilliant in toning your whole body, even in the most stubborn areas. It provides gentle to moderate resistance to increase the challenge of Pilates exercises. Therefore, your muscle will have to work harder and burn more fat. Use this ring as a prop to find your center and maintain proper alignment. You will be more conscious about which parts are being used, which increases body awareness. Yes4All Pilates Fitness Ring is built to withstand pressure, even in heavy endurance movements while the soft plastic handles help you hold the ring with comfort and firmness. To brighten up your workout time, there are up to 5 colors that you can choose from. IT?S MUCH MORE FUN TO WORK YOUR MUSCLES Don?t let your gym time get boring with same-old exercises every day. Let?s add Yes4All Soft Toning Balls to your training routine to refresh and change your workout life forever! Holding the unstable round-shape ball helps work various groups of muscles at the same time to keep balance and coordination. Besides, toning balls also assist in developing muscles strength whether in Pilates, yoga, rehabilitation or strength training, all the while giving you significant support to work your core, arms and shoulders. Bright colors for more enjoyable workouts and quick grab. Sold in individuals & pairs so you can work your both arms at once and efficiently improve your balance. STORAGE & MAINTENANCE: Store in cool places and keep away from direct sunlight. Do not place anything on the top of the toning ball because it may affect its shape. Clean the ball with wet cloth and mild soap to remove persistent dirt.

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