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Z Clear Lens Cleaner & Anti-Fog: Paste | Stays Cleaner for Longer – Anti-Static – Scratch-Filler | Safe on All Lenses, Alcohol & Ammonia Free | All Glasses, Goggles, Optics, Masks



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Size:1 PackHow to Use: Apply a very small amount to coat a dry surface with your finger. If you see blue, you’re using too much. Wipe with a microfiber/cotton cloth. Don’t over wipe.Winter Sports – You ski, snowboard, or snowmobile, fresh powder is your playground. Fogging up sucks. Fog freezing over into ice sucks even more. Especially with a mask or balaclava on or worse, wearing glasses on underneath. Go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding and tell Jack Frost to fog off.Hunting – It’s a peaceful morning, the sun is just cresting. Snow crunches beneath your feet. Cold nips at your runny nose. You go to line up your shot and just as you exhale to steady your aim the sight fogs over and you miss your shot… Defog all your optics, scopes, and binoculars.Motorcycle – There’s nothing like riding bike. Rest of the world fades away. It’s freedom. Fog and rain are annoying and dangerous. Safely defog all your visors and glasses. Inside for fog; Outside to repel rain and keep bugs from baking on. Wipe them off easy.Swimming – We’re just going to say it. This is 10x better than spit or that baby shampoo. Don’t get us wrong they’re nice in a tough spot but barely last underwater or leave nice good streaks. Z Clear gets you through a full swim whether you’re snorkeling, free diving, scuba, or racing an Ironman.Anti-Reflective coatings are a pain. Great for the glare but man they’re a grease magnet. They’re microscopically porous to refract light but it traps moisture so much more. Unfortunately because of this nothing can completely defog some AR lenses. Z Clear kicks that fog off faster than any other anti-fog on the market. Keep using it. It gets stronger and stronger. And what’s great is all that oil won’t stick nearly as much. Z Clear is the best lens cleaner out there and if you have any issues, reach out. We’re not happy unless you’re happy.Order now so Z Clear can make you See Clear! Gotta have the cheesy tag line ??

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